Elevate your team's trust

with every conversation

Elevate Your Team's Conversations with Interactive, Hands-on Training

Book a one-half to full-day communication workshop, training for leaders, or bring a monthly leadership and communication program to your company's leaders. Sensational Leadership's workshops and training programs are always customized to meet the specific needs of each client. Contact me to schedule a chat about training for your organization.

Create Trust in Challenging Conversations - Workshop

When you use your conversations to elevate trust, even during difficult conversations, you'll create positive energy in your people, increase their engagement and boost their creativity and innovation. This workshop focuses on elevating the level of trust within teams and increasing the quality of their interactions and conversations. Cathy takes participants through powerful and engaging activities designed to help your team understand the impact their words have on the neurochemistry of others. Customized to your needs, this interactive program can be delivered as a 90 minutes, half day, or full day training.



  • Identify your trigger responses and choose alternative ways to react

  • Connect with others more easily in your conversations--which will create positive energy in your people, increase their engagement and boost their creativity and innovation

  • Build stronger relationships through building others’ trust in you

  • Take away toolkits with phrases and words you can use to transform your interactions and increase your team’s engagement, creativity, and productivity

Amplify Your Team’s Trust – A Workshop for Teams

Whether your team is experiencing strong personalities, interpersonal conflicts, or going through changes and needs to elevate its capacity for results and success, this program will enable your team members to identify their conversational patterns that build or reduce trust. This program will also help project teams activate higher levels of innovation and help executive teams break down departmental silos that have risen due to insufficient communication so they can start collaborating together more effectively.

Program Components

  • Pre-training Conversational Intelligence® (C-IQ) Catalyst Tool Survey

  • One-on-one C-IQ Catalyst Tool feedback coaching sessions

  • 2 half-day workshops on conversational behaviors that lead to healthy relationships and to strengthening trust in those relationships

  • Post-training C-IQ Catalyst Tool Survey



  • Understand the conversational patterns of the team as a whole

  • Give team members insights on their own conversational patterns

  • Create a new shared language for the team to elevate the quality of their conversations to strengthen trust

Amplify Your Team Leadership – In-House Leadership Development Program

Do you want...

  • to know what to say to help team members get their jobs done?

  • to have more patience as a manager and stop yourself from doing your team’s work?

  • to better understand your team members who don’t have the same drive or perspectives you do?


You excel at what you do. But sometimes, knowing how to communicate productively with your team leads to more frustration than you’d like. This program will immerse you in techniques to communicate with your team in a way that not only lets you have time for your priorities, but also engages and motivates your team to do their best.


Module Topics: (customizable for your organization)


  • Understand the Power of Conversations and Your Conversational Patterns

  • Build Your Team Members’ Trust

  • Manage Your Emotional Triggers

  • Create a Culture Of Accountability Without Micromanaging

  • Develop Your Coaching Skills

  • Handle Difficult Conversations to Build Trust

  • Increase Your Influence

Best Practices in Action

Mastering Emotional Intelligence

Certified Mastering Emotional Intelligence Facilitator in program used by 75% of Fortune 500 companies and government organizations, including Nevada Department of Transportation and Tahoe Forest Hopsital.

Leader + Team Development

Through emotional intelligence team training and leader coaching, this insurance sales team navigated change and increased sales by 10%.

Conflict Management Team Assesments + Training

Through personal coaching, team building and empathy awareness training, this  manufacturing executive team broke down silos and increased collaboration skills by 40%.


"Attending Cathy Norris' class on Emotional Intelligence is an excellent opportunity for all levels of employees to learn significant skills for building relationships, improving job performance, and developing leadership skills.  I really appreciated Cathy’s style of individually addressing participants by name and incorporating their concerns during the class; it was a comprehensive teaching style that encouraged reflection and teamwork.  I will use the skills that I gained from taking the EI assessment and workshop and will continue learning strategic ways to think and communicate.  Thank you Cathy!"

"Cathy Norris was excellent! What was most beneficial was recognizing how important EI is to our personal success as well as the overall success of the organization. This is a very timely and important topic."

"Cathy Norris' interactive style was very positive."

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