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Cathy Norris has inspired corporate leaders, business, professional association, and conference audiences with her positive interactive style through keynotes, trainings and workshops. She sets the bar high for organizations’ events by encouraging interaction with her thoughtful and enlightening questions–-the key to facilitating change--and keeping audiences engaged until the very last second.


Cathy's talks can be delivered as a keynote, business or association presentation, or half or full day workshop. Contact Cathy for more information or to book Cathy as a speaker for your company, conference, or organization.

Watch Cathy's speaker reel on building trust under stress here:

"I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your presentation at the NNHRA Breakfast last week. I've honestly used your tactics in conversation at least 25 times since the breakfast! Not just employees, but I've used this on family, friends and clients. I've also given some people some advice based on your presentation several times since."

Johnny Skowronek, VP of Operations,
Square One Solutions

Signature Keynote

Crunch Time: Communicate Effectively in Times of Stress


When you’re stressed to the max, how effectively do you communicate with your team members and colleagues? Feeling stressed during crunch times makes it easier to say things that in turn stresses others, yet as humans we can get triggered and feel threatened by just one word, which then creates distrust.


Your team members will learn how to choose words to match the impact they intend, even when they're stressed. They'll practice neuroscience techniques they can use in their conversations that actually reduce others' stress by opening them up instead of shutting them down, even when the pressure rises.

Crunch Time: Communicate Effectively in Times of Stress, Northern Nevada Human Resources Association. The presentation starts at 10:55 minutes.

Signature Workshop

Creating Trust in Challenging Conversations


When you use your conversations to elevate trust, even during difficult conversations, you will create positive energy in others, engage them to contribute, and enhance their creativity. This workshop focuses on elevating the level of trust within teams and increasing the quality of their interactions and conversations.


Cathy takes participants through powerful and engaging activities designed to help your team understand the impact their words have on the neurochemistry of others. They’ll learn the 3 Levels of Conversation for achieving three types of informational goals and how to use each in a healthy way, which results in positively influencing their team members’ engagement, creativity, and productivity.

This workshop will be customized to your needs and can be delivered as a half day, full day or two day training.

"Thanks for the enlightening presentation. It’s always good to be reminded how our words can affect people."

Marvin Small, Chief Stewardship Officer at Triad Technologies

Watch Cathy's DisruptHR talk "We Are Hardwired to Collaborate" here:

What Audiences and Meeting Planners Are Saying

"Cathy is one of my favorite speakers! I have attended a number of her workshops and I ALWAYS add new skills to my tool kit. This week I attended a workshop on "Conversational Intelligence" hosted by Nevada Industry Excellence. It really hit home that we must CONNECT and build TRUST with others in order to Get Stuff Done (GSD)! Cathy kicked off the Logistics Leadership Conference hosted by Truckee Meadows Community College in May. She energetically taught us how to communicate effectively in times of stress. She elevated the excitement in the room and set the tone for the entire day. Cathy can help you and your team achieve extraordinary results!"

- Shanel Pistorius, Distribution Manager, Nature's Way

"Cathy's message about building trust is critical to becoming more effective leaders and communicators. In addition to highlighting the ways we compromise that trust, Cathy provides clear tools and steps to maximize trust-building. As a meeting and conference planner, this is a message my clients and leaders need to hear as they seek to improve themselves and their organization."

- Elizabeth Shaw, Event Planner, CEO Davine Events

"Great presentation last evening. Thank you for getting us out of our chairs to learn and practice some better communication techniques!

- Scott Berry, VP Finance and Controller, Calculated Industries

"Cathy provided a great Emotional Intelligence presentation that not only explained how EI adds value to the company, but also provide positive improvement metrics for customer experience, and the bottom line. Thanks for connecting "soft skills" with cost reduction and hard dollar growth."

- Valerie Cotta, Workforce Development Program Manager. Economic Development Authority of Western Nevada (EDAWN)

"Cathy really set the bar high for our future training events. All of the surveys complimented her on her delivery, timely information, and professional presentation. The participants liked how she encouraged interaction and engaged them with thoughtful questions. She kept the audience engaged up until the very last second of her presentation."

- Anne Paine, President of Association for Talent Development Sierra Nevada

“Cathy developed and managed a customized workshop for my staff. I was concerned that some of my staff would resist sharing and partaking in the activities. Cathy addressed my staff in a very professional yet kind manner which made a possible uncomfortable situation work out. If you have a desire to build morale and productivity amongst your staff and you know there are things that need addressing but not sure how to go about it, Cathy can work with you to create a successful company workshop.”

- Wendy Hummer, CEO, EXL Media

“After Cathy's training with my team, they're working together to meet their goals and have increased their productivity as never before, including their team quarterly bonuses and an overall 10% increase in sales over two years. It has really broken down some barriers in my office, as they share and communicate more.”

- Nicole Williams, Agency Owner, State Farm Insurance

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