Build a Positive & Effective Team Culture

What if your team members could talk through conflicts, hold each other accountable to their goals, and agree to co-create a shared, positive culture?

In today’s competitive job market, employees won’t stay long in a team culture where they don’t feel listened to or valued by other members of the team.

Is your team’s performance suffering due to...


  • differences in expectations and ownership levels among team members?

  • unwritten disruptive cultural norms that impede team collaboration?

  • conflicts between team members?

Turn your team’s culture around!

Build a Positive & Effective Team Culture is a team-building program using proven processes customized to your situation, specifically designed to:


  • increase collaboration and communication between team members

  • create a positive environment

  • align team members’ goals and definitions of success

  • set clear expectations among team members

Your team will benefit from increased goal achievement, performance and productivity.

“After Cathy's workshop with my team, they're working together to meet their goals and have increased their productivity as never before, including their team quarterly bonuses. It has really broken down some barriers in my office, as they share and communicate more. Cathy's ongoing leadership coaching helped me stay clear on my goals and keep my team accountable in their growth.”

Nicole Williams / State Farm Insurance Agency Owner

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