Leadership Amplifier One-on-One Coaching

Are you frustrated by productivity issues and your team’s failure to meet the stated goals, deadlines or timelines? Maybe this keeps you from delivering what you said you would—the pressure’s on and your reputation is on the line. Perhaps you want to feel more respected, supported or backed up by your people.

You’ve tried different things, but you just don’t know how to fix these productivity or morale issues on your team.


Maybe you’re a technical expert drowning in a leadership role that requires “people skills” you simply haven’t been trained in. Learning those people skills and developing the emotional intelligence that all successful people have is like going to the gym—it’s a muscle anyone can build with practice, non-judgmental feedback, and encouragement.

During this one-on-one coaching program, you’ll be guided through a proven process to identify and master the skills you need to engage, inspire, and effectively manage your team.

We’ll begin right away with Step 1: Discover your leadership traits. In this step, you’ll learn your leadership strengths and blind spots through taking the EQ-i Leadership Assessment and receiving your in-depth customized results and debrief session.

You’ll then be guided through these steps at a customized pace to meet your needs:

Step 2: Diagnose the reasons behind your team’s productivity and morale issues
Step 3: Learn and practice the most appropriate team resolution methods based on your team diagnosis and your leader strengths and gaps

Methods may include:

  • Improve the Quality of Your Conversations

  • Build Trust Within Your Team

  • Manage Your Triggers

  • Develop Your Coaching Skills


Step 4: Create your Leadership Amplifier Plan with measurable end goals for your outcome objectives
Step 5: Implement your Leadership Amplifier Plan with coaching support while you learn and try new strategies


What you'll get:

  • structured, ongoing tracking to meet your goals

  • a safe sounding board for trying new ideas

  • greater belief in yourself

  • connecting yourself to what matters most for you as a leader

  • ongoing support to instill lasting habits

  • improved leadership performance

  • an unwavering, caring champion for your success

If you would like to talk about working together, contact me to set up a chat.

Coaching Testimonials

"Thank you for this training. Things have been very positive and are moving in the positive direction. My manager complimented me in front of my team the other day. It was apparent that he acknowledged my progress interacting, listening and guiding rather than just TELLING."

Area Vice President, Fortune 1000 Company

"Cathy was very supportive and built a trusting relationship. She taught me a lot about behavioral science, was relentless on keeping me focused, and my improvement was absolute. I enjoyed the sessions and am employing the methods of improvement."

President, Construction Company

"Cathy's ongoing leadership coaching helped me to stay clear on my goals and to keep my team accountable in their emotional intelligence awareness and growth."

Business Owner, Insurance Agency

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