Develop your leaders to develop your talent from within

Leadership Amplifier

Increase Your Leaders' Communication and Coaching Skills

What if your leaders could effectively set expectations, provide feedback, develop your employees and elicit their commitment?

And -- what if your new leaders could acquire the communication and coaching skills -- and mindset -- to get team results quickly instead of taking a year or more?


To compete for and retain employees in today's tight labor market, your leaders need people development skills.

Are your leaders struggling with...


  • How to deal with a difficult employee?

  • How to motivate their team?

  • How to deal with negativity in the work place?

  • How to hold your team members accountable without micromanaging?

  • How to maintain their own composure when they get triggered?

Help your leaders achieve team goals and see measurable results by improving their team communication.

The Leadership Amplifier is a 7-month in-house, customized group leadership development program that uses proven processes individually customized for each of your leaders to:


  • Understand the Power of Conversations and their Conversational Patterns

  • Build their Team Members’ Trust

  • Manage their Emotional Triggers

  • Create a Culture Of Accountability Without Micromanaging

  • Develop their Coaching Skills

  • Handle Difficult Conversations to Build Trust

  • Increase their Influence

Your company will benefit from a rise in retention rates, increased productivity, and higher quality in your products and services.


“Thank you for this training. Things have been very positive and are moving in a positive direction. My manager complimented me in front of my team the other day. It was apparent that he acknowledged my progress interacting, listening and guiding rather than just TELLING."

Vice President, Construction Company

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