Increase Collaboration Between Executive Team Leaders

What if communication between the leaders of your business units, departments, and teams flowed openly and freely?

In today’s fast-changing competitive market, you don’t have time for organizational silos putting bottlenecks and impasses in the way of your company’s goals.

Are your department leaders...


  • protecting their turfs, placing their teams’ priorities over the company’s?

  • withholding information, consciously or unconsciously?

  • taking too long to update other team leaders on new developments?

Get your leadership team back on track!

Increase Collaboration Between Executive Team Leaders is a team-building program that uses proven processes customized to your situation, specifically designed to:


  • increase trust,

  • improve collaboration, and

  • move progress forward on long-standing issues.

Your company will benefit from decreased processing and production times and increased achievement of company-wide goals.

“Our team has very strong personalities and team members are passionate about their positions. Past meetings often deteriorated into non-productive arguing matches. Cathy redirected and re-focused arguing team members so the discussion was productive and worthwhile. Our end of day wrap-up exercise helped everyone on the team understand everyone’s expectations and needs. People communicated directly without fear of conflict, and it helped build some trust among team members.”

COO / Manufacturing Company

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