Break Free From Overwhelm | 3-Month Coaching package

Do you have so much to do that your life feels out of control?
Is being overwhelmed negatively affecting your quality of life?
Do you feel like you don’t have time for what’s really important?
Is it time to deal with your chronic overwhelm and enjoy your life?
If so...
I have really good news to share with you!
It is possible to deal with your chronic cycle of overwhelm -- and now may be the time for you to do it!

The Break Free From Overwhelm coaching program can dramatically reduce your stress and increase your sense of fulfillment in your professional and personal life. It will guide you to listen to your inner self, say yes to what you love, and create time for what’s most important to you. By the end of the first session, you’ll have more inner grounding and focus, plus a practical system to help you prioritize each day.

Break Free From Overwhelm Steps:

With a coach by your side, you will be led through a proven process guaranteed to support you in releasing your overwhelmed feelings and creating more time for what’s most important, through focusing on these 5 steps:

Step 1. Get crystal clear focus through discovering your passions
Step 2. Identify and overcome your overwhelming thoughts
Step 3. Learn your emotional habits and blind spots that keep you feeling overwhelmed
Step 4. Create new skills and habits for a new you who has time for what’s most important
Step 5. Set your course for sustaining your new habits for your ideal professional and personal life


The Break Free From Overwhelm program includes activities that are conveniently spaced out over a 3-month period, allowing you time to absorb and put your learnings into practice before the next session.

Here are some examples of emotional blind spots that can keep you feeling overwhelmed:

  • Letting concerns from others affect your ability to make decisions

  • Pleasing others above your own needs

  • Placing unrealistic expectations on yourself

Your six one-hour sessions (2 per month) include:

  • 2 one-hour sessions to get clear on your passions and create new habits to bring your core passions into your life (step 1)

  • 1 one-hour session to uncover and transform your limiting thoughts and beliefs (step 2)

  • The EQ-i Emotional Intelligence Assessment that you take online in 20 minutes

  • 1 one-hour session to discuss feedback from your EQ-i and create an action plan for changing emotional habits that get in your way (step 3)

  • 2 one-hour coaching sessions of caring support through observations, feedback, and accountability to help you build your emotional skills and instill lasting habits (steps 4 & 5)

The Break Free From Overwhelm program adapts to meet your specific needs and challenges in creating time for what’s important and changing the habits that get in your way. We’ll build on what you learn about yourself from your passions and Emotional Intelligence assessment throughout all six sessions to help you fully integrate and create a new way of living, based on what is most true for you.

If you would like to talk about working together, contact me to set up a chat.

Coaching Testimonials

“Cathy helped me identify my intent. She wove together a solid road map that gave me many a-ha moments during her 3 month program. Before working with Cathy, things happened at me and I was my own victim. My actions were not in alignment with my passions. I gained a deeper sense of calm, of self-control, of satisfaction with my life as a whole, and deeper forgiveness of myself. To sum it up, I developed an awareness of the quality of life I can bestow upon myself. I highly recommend this strong, well-researched and integrated program to anyone who wants to improve the quality of their life with Cathy alongside gently guiding them.”

Lynn Berardo, Philanthropist

“After working with Cathy, I now have more clarity about what I REALLY want. It was like talking to a therapist but not about wounds, instead about goals, passions, and what gets in the way. She listened well and clarified what I’m saying, so I could hear it again and make sure that’s what I really meant. She can help a person see what’s standing in their way and how important it is to them. As a result of this I’ve gotten clarity on my next steps for my insurance company and toward my new career providing peak experience sailing tours with my husband. I also discovered what is truly most important to me (my relationships!) and how to get past my limiting beliefs and habits.”

Staci Farnan-Stevenson, Farnan & Associates

“I have learned about making my passions my priority and organizing my life around them instead of waiting to pursue them at some vague time in the future. I don’t feel stuck with the same old fears and internal dialogue. I have new tools and support when I am feeling fearful about work, career, money, etc. The Emotional Intelligence test provided me great insight into myself. Specifically, I have an action plan around becoming more flexible and seeing how that opens up opportunities that I didn’t anticipate. It has been a pleasure to work with Cathy and I thank her for introducing me to new tools and insights.”

Amy Tirre, Law Offices of Amy N. Tirre

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