My Story

I used to let my emotions control my actions and I didn’t understand the value of connections.

With PhD training under my belt, I excelled in my technical field -- until I become a leader. Then I floundered in a sea of increased complexity, conflicting demands, and missed relationship-building opportunities. It wasn’t that I was necessarily bad at handling these things. I just didn’t “get” that I needed to pay attention to handling my emotions too, which severely damaged my speed and efficiency in getting things done, as well as my personal well-being.

I leaned heavily on my analytical and intellectual abilities in my career and didn’t have the slightest clue how to trust my inner knowing. For many years as an individual corporate contributor, I didn’t see the importance of relationships—I thought it was all about getting the job done. In one of those classic dark nights of the soul, it became clear that if I was going to achieve personal and professional success and create the meaningful...

Cathy Norris: Professional Bio

Cathy Norris is an executive coach and corporate leadership trainer who helps senior leaders, managers, and team leaders master the communication skills they need to engage, inspire, and effectively manage their employees, build trust, and break down silos. Drawing on her 17-year corporate experiences working with companies from AT&T to Walmart across four continents, Cathy works with clients through coaching, leadership training programs and workshops to learn and develop the emotional intelligence skills that account for 90% of career success. Her clients' results include working together more effectively by 40%, increased communication without blame and defensiveness by 60%, increased positive climate by 50%, and increased sales by 10%.


Cathy completed PhD studies in Instructional Systems Technology and earned a Master of Arts in Education. She is certified in TalentSmart’s Mastering Emotional Intelligence curriculum and Multi-Health System’s EQ-i 2.0 assessments for Workplace, Leaders, and Groups. She is also a Conversational Intelligence® Enhanced Coach in Training.

Cathy is available for speaking engagements, coaching, and workshops.

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"Coaching with Cathy through the Leadership EQ-i increased my emotional intelligence skills by 100%. I feel more confident and assertive in my skills as a leader and have witnessed this through improved interactions with my team and colleagues. Cathy’s coaching skills and knowledge around emotional intelligence are first rate. I highly recommend Cathy for any business or organization that wants to take their leadership to the next level."


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