Cathy Norris: My Story

Here’s my story: I let my emotions take control over my actions and I didn’t understand the value of connections.

With PhD training under my belt, I excelled in my technical field, until I become a leader. Then I floundered in a sea of increased complexity, conflicting demands, and missed relationship-building opportunities. It wasn’t that I was necessarily bad at handling these things. I just didn’t “get” that I needed to pay attention to handling my emotions too, and this severely damaged my ability to get things done and my personal well-being.

I leaned heavily on my analytical and intellectual abilities in my career and didn’t have the slightest clue how to trust my inner knowing. And for many years as an individual corporate contributor, I didn’t see the importance of relationships—I thought it was all about getting the job done. In one of those classic dark nights of the soul, it became clear that if I was going to achieve personal and professional success and create the meaningful connection I needed, it was time to take a hard look at my priorities and learn about a new-to-me concept: emotional intelligence.

Fast forward after several years of training in leadership development and emotional intelligence, I now serve stressed-out and stuck high-achievers as an executive coach. I help people not only get the job done and goals met, but create the connection to other people and their inner purpose that makes it all worth while. Since 2009, I’ve helped my clients achieve striking career and life turnarounds by learning how to:

  • Break down silos of distrust and build real relationships with their people

  • Change ingrained behaviors and habits that sabotage (and sometimes end) careers

  • Manage conflict and have the hard but necessary conversations far more effectively

  • Expand their view of success from pure deliverables to valuing a positive culture of connection where morale and the bottom line flourish


You know deep down that the only way to master the people skills to manage, engage, and inspire your employees and maintain your own self-balance is to take a focused look at your emotional intelligence muscles, decide which ones to target, and practice developing them so you can master the people skills you need to succeed.

To get started, book a free call to discuss your situation, or jump right into discovering your assets and blindspots by booking your EQ Assessment. When the results are in, we’ll schedule your 90-minute follow up strategy session.

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