Hi, I'm Cathy Norris, founder of Sensational Leadership.

Hi, I'm Cathy Norris, Founder of Sensational Leadership.

I’m driven by my desire to help people feel connected to their workplace, to each other and to their company.

My work with organizational leaders and teams draws upon my experience working within diverse industries for over 20 years.

When complexity and conflicting demands progressed during my corporate career (along with frustration, overwhelm, and even loneliness), I discovered I had forgotten to connect to my team members in a human -- not just a transactional -- way. Finally, a couple "aha" moments woke me up to the power of meaningful connections that I had been missing.

Read more about me in my professional bio below.

Cathy Norris
President, Sensational Leadership

Cathy Norris is a leadership communication and emotional intelligence coach, speaker, and trainer. She draws on over 20 years of corporate experience working in companies from AT&T to Walmart to help leaders and teams achieve measurable business results through improving their communication and coaching skills.

After completing doctoral studies in Instructional Systems Technology, Cathy developed training programs for Anderson Consulting (Accenture) for over two years. She then joined a PeopleSoft (now Oracle) consulting firm to facilitate software business analysis sessions for clients in North America and Europe. Some of her clients included Swiss Bank Corporation, Fermilab, Budget Rent-a-Car, Pfizer, University of Utah, Toshiba, and Walmart.

Cathy’s next career move was joining Novell’s Global Learning & Development team to utilize her instructional design expertise and passion for creating solutions to meet organizational gaps. Her last role, before starting her own company, was heading Novell’s Asia Pacific Learning & Development programs, based in Singapore.

I work with organizations such as

  • small and midsize companies experiencing growth that don’t have in-house leadership development programs

  • branch offices and facilities located away from the corporate headquarters

  • leaders of teams within large organizations

Often executives and team leaders who I work with

  • come from a technical background and have new positions that require “people skills” in which they simply haven’t been trained

  • were superstar individual contributors, but are now challenged in a position that requires their ability to connect with, inspire and manage their team to do the things they used to do themselves


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