Equip your team to move with emotional agility through change and disruption.

Mission-critical emotional agility skills in response to COVID-19.


Webinar: Emotional Agility After Disruption and Crisis


This virtual 60-90 minute training uncovers the natural emotional phases of major change and shares ways to help employees discuss their emotions to reduce stress and increase morale. Includes steps to deal with fear and anxiety and walks through a daily check-in process to bring calm and control to your day. May be customized for the specific needs and circumstances of your teams.

Resilience Connection Groups


Small employee groups (5-20) led by a facilitator to share authentically, feel heard, and to create connection and community. Resilience Connection Groups meet for a series of 6 week series in virtual meetings. They provide a safe space to help remote or isolated staff not feel alone and cultivate self-compassion and self-care. Employees will leave sessions feeling refueled, rejuvenated and gifted with tools to feel more calm and grounded, enabling greater focus. emotional well-being, and bonding with other group members.

"Return to Work With Ease" Zoom Sessions


Similar to Compassion Circles, these are one or more small group employee Zoom sessions specifically designed to focus on reducing fears and anxiety in adjusting to the new environment they may encounter onsite.

Just-In-Time Executive Coaching


One-on-one coaching to help leaders move through destabilizing emotions, improve their focus and productivity, and communicate messages that build resiliency and create clarity. These phone coaching sessions are provided on an on-call basis to respond to unpredictable or challenging emotions that threaten to derail leaders. The sessions are designed to help leaders maintain emotional awareness and develop a growth mindset as they move through these novel changes.

Agile Response Coaching Program


Help leaders identify obstacles and gaps getting in the way of building trust and maintaining workflow. Many teams are experiencing loneliness, disconnection and overwhelm. This is causing disengagement, lack of focus and momentum. This program focuses on strengthening your leaders’ emotional agility skills to increase self-awareness, manage ambiguity, and help their employees move through fear and anxiety. This can be an Individual or group coaching program depending on your organization’s needs.

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